#1 The Special Friend

Dedicated to the one who encouraged this blog.

Being an extrovert can be challenging. You meet too many people whom you would perhaps never talk to more than once in your entire life despite being friends on Facebook or even after exchanging phone numbers. It is extremely hard to determine the prospects of a future friendship with such people. They come and go. Like in the spring new leaves sprout onto trees, stay for the summer and eventually, fall.

Some, however strike you like an iron stamp with what they say or do. They leave a mark on you and as a true believer of destiny I guarantee you definitely run into those special ones again.
The second time is different. You may be shocked to see them, or even pleasantly surprised. You remember them like the back of your hand. Every single detail of the first encounter is embedded in your mind like a perfectly cut piece of diamond – slips in easy but never out. It’s an instant connection, as if you’ve known them for centuries.
Soon your friendship grows, faster than any other. You question your attitude – is it too early to trust? But at the back of your mind you know it’s just the safety mechanism of your brain that activated because of the million times you have been let down by people in the past.
You remind them how much you love them every moment you can snatch. You feel too afraid to lose a friend that perfect, the one who fit in like the missing piece of your life’s giant jig-saw puzzle without any friction. Effortlessly.
They respond each time you reach out to them for help, but you still question your position in their lives. You never accept they need you the way you need them. They never express it either. The day you truly believe you have earned their love and care is either when they go out-of-the-way to do something special for you or when they say what you long to hear, from their own mouths.That moment when that special person admits to reciprocating your affection after knowing you for almost a year (and by a lucky coincidence exactly the same day you met for the first time a year ago) is the one that erases all the pain you have been through during the time. It is that feeling of oneness, affection and mutual respect that keeps you awake at night thanking God for showering His most beautiful blessing on you. It is the crazy sickness you feel in your gut that tells you this is something that will last for a lifetime. Like the deep spreading roots of a tree they have entered your life to stay and keep you from falling off during storm season. You feel their presence in the atmosphere around you, something you rejoice every passing minute of your life. The thought that makes you smile even in the hardest of times. A memory engraved in your heart – the first time they say “I love you”.

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