#2 How to Move On in Life

Part of most of the teenagers lives is the relationships they work tremendously hard to maintain. Sometimes things just don’t work out.
Almost all of those unfortunate ones in the “Not working out” category find themselves trapped in that relationship that doesn’t exist anymore, and almost half don’t know how to deal with the “break-up”. Here are a few tips.

1. Thrash everything that reminds you of him/her.

Delete messages, mails and phone numbers. Un-friend them from social networking websites. Block their calls and messages. Throw out all the gifts and things they gave you. Tear pictures apart and flush them down the toilet. Most importantly, try not to cry while doing all this. Be strong.

This would probably seem extremely tough and exhausting but it’s 50% of the job DONE.

2. Please for somebody’s, or ANYBODY’s sake, don’t try to find their substitutes.

Common tendency: Find another one to forget this one. No. That’s not going to help you in any way. Resist the temptation to get into a new relationship till you fully believe you are past the previous one.


Make a schedule. Give time to your hobbies and interest. Spend time with your family. Cook and eat. Hang out with your friends. Go on a shopping spree. Do random craftwork. Watch movies. Do anything but DO NOT SIT IDLE. The moment you give your brain a chance to think about that person all the effort is ruined. You end up getting emotional and do something stupid like calling or texting them.

4. Exercise your mind.

Engage yourself in mind games – crosswords, chess, su-do-kus, jenga, chess, checkers… even jigsaw. Anything that can keep your mind occupied for a long time. It not only helps you pass your time but also strengthens your brain which you have undoubtedly exhausted over the issue you are dealing with.

5. Discover your own stress buster.

Somewhere along the way you would discover a therapy unique to yourself. Something that can help you get past the circumstances better than any of those points listed above and you will find yourself emerging as a much stronger, healthier, happier person than you used to be.

After all, happiness is not a condition. It’s a choice.


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