#3 Letting Go – Closures

Teenagers have a strong tendency to cling on to relationships they imagined were perfect. Letting go is harder than homework and examinations, but it’s a part of accepting responsibilities and making decisions that insure against the bumpy rides of the future.
This task can be accomplished successfully only with willpower. Without it, even the most rational getaway is not going to be fruitful. A few simple ways to restore/generate willpower in the teen are listed very much in our own schedules.

First. Friends.
Friends play a very important role in letting go. Keeping to yourself, not sharing your problem or accepting seclusion only guides the mind to delusions. A friend can not only help you decide what to say or do without bias, he or she can also affirmatively provide a precaution against the aftermath of the tough job. This friend stands beside you, cheers you up and distracts you from the situation you just can’t help but keep revisiting. As they say, out of sight – out of mind.

Second. Retrospection.
Analysing what went wrong gives you all the strength you ever need.
Case 1: It was your fault. You apologise and feel responsible for the other person’s pain and find it easier to let go.
Case 2: It was their fault. You get angry and talk it all out on them and never feel the need to dig this grave again.
Case 3: Its nobody’s fault but you realize it just can’t work. You convince yourself of meeting better people, people who respect you, care for you and not take you for granted. You feel confident and let go of them.
Case 4: It was all a big misunderstanding. You get back together and live happily ever after.

Third. Hobbies.
Hobbies and interests distract you from the situation you haven’t had a satisfactory closure to. It isn’t advisable to leave it that way because they are highly likely to return back to you at a later instant in life, however, in some cases they might provide a permanent distraction from the situation and erase memories associated with it.
There is absolutely no good in holding things inside of you. All they do is eat up free memory and create bad sectors in your brain. All you need to do is share it and delete it. There is too much more in the world your brain needs to store data for than worry about some stupid old corrupt file.

Closures have an impact, for sure. Sometimes the impact is relieving, sometimes frustrating but either way, it exposes you to a better life, a larger world, new people, new lifestyles and new ideas. You don’t realize how many people actually care for you. The ones who stand beside you during this time of distress are the true friends you need to keep with you for the rest of your life, safely and securely bound to you. Closures do you one good for sure – they give the peace of mind you needed to sleep at night.


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