#4 People Who Make a Difference

Often we get so absorbed in our failures and sorrows that we forget to count the blessings in our lives. Those people who have our back. Those who love us, care for us, admire us and are happy when we are.

How often is that we appreciate these people who make our life the way it is? Are we unable to identify them?

There are the type who wouldn’t talk to us much. We would mostly feel abandoned by them. The thing we overlook is that the whole world is abandoned by them. They just don’t like talking much. They keep to themselves, but are ALWAYS there for you in spirit. They are the kind of people you wouldn’t see beside you, but that is because they chose to walk behind you. To catch you when no body else does. They provide solace whenever occasionally they speak and that is what makes them so special.

Then there are those who care like your family would. They watch out for you. Keep themselves updated of your whereabouts, always on the lookout for you. They are the first ones you run to when you are in trouble because you know they wouldn’t let you down. You trust them and they live up to it to the fullest.

And there are those who are just there. Just their mere presence makes you delighted. You know you can talk to them anytime of the day, any day of the week. They are the philosophers. Some boss you around. Some just lecture you to death. Some shower you with their free advice but this is the lot who is there practically always.

So next time you feel sorry for yourself or curse God for your troubles, just try to give those people some time who made your life worth living. Those who gave you something to look forward to. Those who gave you a reason to smile.


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