#7 A Friend Lost

If you have one true friend, you have more than your share.

– Thomas Fuller

Who is a true friend really? We all have our misconceptions on that matter I’d say.

Some believe they have a true friend in their best friends, but every silver lining has a dark cloud within it.

This was a friend you were SURE would never abandon you. This was a friend you knew would decipher the pain in your silence. A friend you were confident would understand you are trying your best to be with them despite all the responsibilities that weigh you down. A friend you trusted would never give up.

But they did.

Leaving you when you needed them the most. When you were drowning in the storm of heavy emotions. Pressurized by the air above you.

But this doesn’t weaken you. You know you have been unfair to them. You do everything you can to make it up to them. Everything in your power to make them feel special. They are your best friend after all. 

And then you are hit by the lightning. A realization that sweeps the ground below your feet away. You aren’t what you were to them anymore. You’ve been replaced. Replaced by someone better, someone worthier. Someone who can take care of them the way you never could. Someone who understands them. A friendship that for them is one mind in two bodies. 

You should feel happy for them shouldn’t you? Of course you should be. They deserve better than you don’t they? You never kept them happy. You are the one responsible for them leaving you. But is this what a true friend should do? Shouldn’t they stick around no matter what happens?

No. You must be happy for them. But what about you now? Whom would you share your joys and sorrows with? Who would hug you and say it’s alright? Who would answer your calls at 4 in the morning? Who would love you the way no one did? Who would notice that you are crying so bitterly while writing this post?

The Universe is never unfair though. Newton’s Third Law is in effect everywhere. If it takes one away it gives you someone as good as them. And then two angels rise. One was always there. The other was gifted to you. One always listens. The other always lends you their shoulder to cry upon. One you love like a soul-sister, the other like a soul-mate. You see your own reflection in them. One mind in two bodies. You smile and thank The Universe for being gracious. Promise never to cry again. Promise to move beyond the pain. Promise to be happy for that friend who is now in better hands.

But would things ever be the same?


Perhaps, never.


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