#8 Beyond High School, Before College – 8 Truths

The mess we make is easier to clean up than the mess this situation makes. The only people who can understand the details and depths of being STUCK are those who have been thrown into this abyss.


TRUTH #1 : Confusion

No matter what you are, geek, nerd, average, a “back-bencher”, an always-out-of-class or a total carefree kitten you CAN NOT escape the confusion. The time after the exams and before the result comes out is full of haywire thinking, doubts and lost confidences.

TRUTH #2 : Analysis

Every single person can be found analyzing past lists, scores, cut-offs and all that. Nobody wants to be left out. Even the carefree ones start caring. It seems like the whole world, suddenly, is against you.

TRUTH #3 : Disappointment

Every single person is disappointed at something or the other. Nobody is ever satisfied with what they get.

TRUTH #4 : Frustration

The ultimate frustration is not being accepted into a college. Sometimes it’s a string of colleges that reject you. It keeps piling up one on top of the other.

TRUTH #5 : Hidden Fears

People appear calm, most of them at least. But on the inside there is a turmoil of emotions, all the truths listed above are getting onto their nerve and parents only make it worse.

TRUTH #6 : Myths

All those who say “You can have all the fun you want to after exams before your college starts” are LIARS. There is no free time ever.

TRUTH #7 : No one understands the plight of an Einstein.

The actual pain inflicted is onto a Top level student when he competes with all the other Top Level students. It pulls him down. Disappoints him. Pushes him somewhere he doesn’t want to go. Makes him doubt his own abilities. Make him curse those in power. Makes him bitter. All others do is think he is mad. He is much better off than them after all. Why is he cribbing then? Because he deserved so much more and he knows it. But nobody ever understands.

TRUTH #8 : Deal with it.

NOBODY, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY stands beside you in this situation. No matter how close they are, you stand alone and you have to deal with it.

Free Advice

We often tend to curse our luck, blame it for everything that doesn’t go as planned but we must always remember that everything happens for a reason and maybe for once just accept things the way they are.

“Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck.”

Dalai Lama


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