#10 Relationships Don’t Make Sense

As much as I have been able to study my peers, friends, or even people who aren’t really my friends I have found one thing to be universal. Nobody is happy with what they have in their relationships. Even if they are happy (which is on 1% of the cases I have come across and my sample space is VERY large) they have all sorts of insecurities involved.

What are we actually doing to our lives when we decide to get into a relationship? Only labelling another person as our boyfriend/girlfriend?

Technically that’s all that happens. Apart from this, they are completely senseless.

20% of the people are cheated upon by their partners.
Another 32% are constantly doubting them.

How could that ever give you happiness? You are no Sherlock Holmes. You can’t be Sherlock Holmes all the time! Why did you get into a relationship with that person if you didn’t trust them? Or did you trust them when you took the plunge with them? Then why are you doubting them now? And even if you are doubting them, why are you still with them?

The best proof of love is Trust.

– Joyce Brothers

Wondering right?

First of all, if you are under 18, you do not even understand your emotions, so don’t go about telling the world that you are in love. Because you have ABSOLUTELY no idea what being in love feels like. Don’t make fun of your own heart and prepare a self-made trap to hurt yourself.

If you are over 18, you have to be super mature to understand what you feel. If you think relationships are nothing but a waste of time, you probably have figured the trick to happiness. If you believe relationships can’t hurt you, go ahead, give it a go… but if you end up involving feelings and shit then do remember you read this post one happy day. If you are like “OH MY GAWD I’M SINGLE! I NEED A GUY/GIRL!” then please… Tartarus is the place for you. Don’t blame me later.

Most of the over 18 people who are trying to get into a relationship are those who have never been in one and just want to taste the wine. They end up breaking their hearts and joining the “mature adults” club. I’m not saying that the mature ones don’t fall in love. They do. In fact they are the only ones who actually fall in LOVE. They understand what love means, and it’s not just being in a relationship with someone and justifying them of your whereabouts every single day. They know that it is beyond such creepy and complicated feelings that do nothing but mock the most beautiful feeling called “Love”. They don’t need to be in a relationship to be committed to someone they love. They don’t need to call them their boyfriend/girlfriend to love them and TELL them that they do. They don’t need them just for the sake of changing their relationship statuses from ‘Single’. If someone asks them “Are you in a relationship?” they would say no. But if someone asks them “Are you Single?” they would still say no.

Relationships under 18 are definitely meaningless. Only a fool would imagine their so-called “love” to last “forever”, and there is nothing more appropriate than this quote I came across.

Immature love says: I love you because I need you. Mature love says: I need you because I love you.

– Erich Fromm

Understanding, trust, respect, knowing each other’s needs, similar view points and PRIORITIZING make up a happy life. Relationships are only a mockery to happiness. To love. To trust. If there is anybody on earth whom you feel comfortable with and match all the keys to a happy life with your life is complete. You don’t need a partner. All you need is that one person. A person you can be yourself with. A person whom you don’t have to worry about every single minute of your life. A person you don’t need to be in a “relationship” with. A person you can fall back upon. A person who knows you inside out. A person who is “you” in another body. And if this person is whom you call your girlfriend/boyfriend, I hope you stay in love forever.

Love is but the discovery of ourselves in others, and the delight in the recognition.

Alexander Smith


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