#11 The Tricks to A Carefree Life

First of all, sincere apologies for the delay on this week’s post.

Secondly, now that I am free enough to write, I notice too many things going on around me and feel so lost when it comes to actually putting my thoughts into words. So this week I picked something which is the need of the hour

Being carefree doesn’t mean totally neglecting your responsibilities. It simply means being casual towards the negatives of the journey, there are simply too many. So I classified them and devised solutions.

1. If somebody close to you is leaving for good: Be happy. They are going for good. It’ll make them better. And never forget the magic phrase “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”


2. If somebody close to you is ignoring you: Ignore them back, and if they don’t notice, please stop caring. They are JUST very busy.

3. If somebody close to you is making fun of themselves in public: Don’t let them be the only one. One is random, two is a pattern.

4. If a close friend (who is also a neighbour) is relocating: Refer to point number 1.

5. If you just had a break up: Enjoy this new sense of freedom. There’s nothing better than this.


6: If your boyfriend/girlfriend isn’t very understanding: Please break up and refer to point number 5.

7. If you have too much of homework/assignments/tests: You’ve got to do it. So do it with a smile.

8. If you flunk on a test: Remember the best part on a roller coaster ride is the drop. But don’t even REMOTELY compare the rest of it to your life.

9. If you just like to sulk at every damn thing on earth: Start clicking selfies and learn to smile.

10. If life gives you lemons:  Start pouring tequila.


 It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

– William E. Gladstone




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