#15 How to Repel People

Repelling people is an art only a few can master. Some, however, have a natural flair for it. Here are a few tricks that will help you repel possibly every person you want out of your life without actually hurting their feelings.

Before I start, I’d like to mention that whoever is reading this post is the person I’m communicating my feelings with. Now that life is moving at the fastest possible pace, people are coming and leaving in the blink of the eye.

I really would appreciate any comments, suggestions or shares. This is perhaps the only form of personal contact I’m actually willing to keep.


Warning: Trying the following tricks may hurt your ego.

1. ‘Overload’ people with messages. Be sure that they are friendly messages and not any sarcastic remarks. (Tried and tested foolproof method.)

2. Never let them talk when you meet them. Keep blabbering about random things. Cut them if they start talking, to tell them an embarrassing story or maybe anything. Just keep talking. Again, friendly talk.

3. Comment on all their facebook activities. Subscribe them. Stalk them for a while. It has better returns in the future.

4. Make sure you don’t sleep without wishing them Goodnight.

5. If none of these work, take them out for lunch, eat everything you possibly can, and disappear out of the bathroom window. Make sure you take their wallet along so that they wash dishes all night. Trust me, they would never cross your path again.


P.S. The author takes no guarantee whatsoever of any wanted/unwanted damage caused by implementation of these tips.



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