#16 Changes

The only thing that is constant, is change.
– Heraclitus

As we grow older we learn to take up responsibilities. We learn how to get along with new people or move beyond their memories. We learn that stagnation is the worst position in life to be in and that nobody has no right over anybody else except themselves.

The phase where one moves beyond the protection of school to the freedom of college is when one either faulters and learns or just observes and learns. Learning is the only constant apart from change.

Changes may be good or bad. Happy or sad. Some changes happen for good yet bring sorrow while others are for the worse yet seem like the happiest of joys.

The good changes are the ones that sometimes go unnoticed. Small changes like a sudden growth in confidence or maybe a sense of responsibility that is self driven go a long way in shaping one’s personality.

The bad ones are the changes that occupy most of the time and use up most of one’s energy. The most dominant change is the sudden fadeaways in friendships. People go different places. Friends whom you spent most years of your life with.

The test is dealing with it. Sometimes the old friends get too busy trying to deal with their own set of changes which you will never really appreciate because you have your own to get along with. Other times they just don’t want to reciprocate your care anymore which YOU too are unknowingly or knowingly doing to some of your other friends.

Changes are good. Yes, they are. No matter how bad they seem at first they ARE going to bear good fruit some day. It may seem vague. It may seem impossible. But GOOD WILL COME. Today, tomorrow or day after.

A friend of mine said to me when I was discussing this with him.

You just keep moving as your life changes, make the best of what lies ahead and forget the past.

And you know what? He’s right.

Happy life 🙂


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