#17 Romances

College is a funny place. No matter how rigid you are with your “relationship policy”, the opposite sex is just too appealing to ignore. It’s not just my own personal experience but also of those who thought they would end up either with cats, or video game sex bombs.


This is actually for the guy I am crushing on. No I really don’t need to hide the fact. It’s pretty natural. In fact there’s a new guy every week. No harm in exploring your options is there?

The fact is that a crush remains a crush till you get to know the person. The two possible outcomes are that either you forget them as soon as you discover something completely shitty about them or the crush translates into a date (If you are lucky enough, that is.)… A relationship… And then I don’t think I need to elaborate further.

There can, however, be two sides to this. One is of a person who has never been in a relationship before. This person is more excited to discover the hidden treasures of the unknown path and tends to either fall into the trap very easily or be afraid of the path way too much. Both scenarios are quite unhealthy.

The other is the one who has been in a failed relationship before. This person is either afraid to get the heart broken again or is willing to learn from the bad experience and not curse the entire opposite sex kind for it. Here, the latter scenario is an ideal one.

The most important thing is to have fun in whatever you do. You can have a crush on 15 people simultaneously yet love the best friend who has severely friendzoned you, or the best friend who hasn’t friendzoned you but is just too far away. It might not be a best friend at all but just a guy/girl you think would make a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend
despite the long distance, or just otherwise.

Sometimes you are extra cautious talking to that guy/girl.
“Should I say this? Or should I not?”
It’s perfectly normal to be.
You are careful not to anger him/her or irritate or even be too vocal. You never want to let them know what is going on in your mind.

I can tell you this is a guilty pleasure, secret crush. Enjoy it till you can.

Happy Life 🙂


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