#19 Ten Kinds of People Every Group Has

A sudden realization struck me that I actually have followers who look forward to new posts every Sunday and that I’m actually disappointing them severely by being late with my weekly blog posts. Therefore from today all my readers have my sincere commitment towards this blog and it is my guarantee that something or the other will definitely appear on this blog every Sunday by 7 P.M. GMT.

So today’s post is dedicated to a few people who brought a weird kind of fun in my life and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every single person, at some point or the other, in his/her life meets such people. A few kinds of such fun people are listed below.

a) Socially Awkward: People who widely accepted as “total weirdos”. They are fun to dance around with, talk to… and the BEST for sharing secrets.

b) The Bold and the Beautiful: This is a group of people that includes at least one good looking person (who doesn’t really use it to his/her advantage but is known because of it) and at least one person who uses a minimum of one swear word in every sentence they speak.

c) The Love Guru: This is that one person you share all deep and dark information related to your crush or partner. Someone who doesn’t mind listening to you no matter how stupid or irrelevant the conversation is for them.

d) The Fall-In-Fall-Out Best Friend: Someone you can be yourself with. This is someone who is there for you no matter how bad the situation is. Somone who doesn’t really like you romantically (or vice versa) but is sport enough to go on dates with you just for the sake of enjoyment.

e) The Crush: Someone you are extra cautious around (may be clubbed with another type of person). This is the one person who scares the hell out of you. Someone you just want to spend time with. Someone who probably (and mostly) doesn’t even reciprocate your feelings but a harmless crush is what they are, till they become……………………..

f) The Discomfort-Inductor: That one person who makes you so uncomfortable that you start feeling repelled by them. Someone who stares at you, not very often, but whenever they do you notice it because… You are staring at them most of the time. Someone who stands beside you to give you involuntary chills. And if by chance they hug you… you tend to pass out instantaneously.

g) The Leg-Puller: That one person who tries to set you up with every single person you set eyes on, and they never EVER EVER forget the smallest slip of words out of your mouth that can be used against you.

h) The Always-Sad-Face Kid: That one person who always has something or the other on their mind. The one who hardly notices what goes on around him/her.

i) The Random Fun Maker: That one person who doesn’t care what the context is but inserts a joke everywhere possible.

And last….. but definitely not the least…

j) The Double Meaning Brainiacs: Those who find the sexual context in EVERY POSSIBLE sentence spoken by ANYBODY. The ones who lift up moods and keep the group intact. Those who love and care… Yet enjoy to the fullest.

Refer to any awesome group of friends… Atleast 7 of these 10 attributes are ALWAYS present.

Live. Love. Laugh.



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