#20 Saying That One Thing

After discussing things like FriendZoning, Repelling People and Romances it becomes my moral responsibility to talk about confessions.

What happens when you fall for a person you never intended to fall for? What if you know that nothing beyond what already exists between you two is possible in any rational situation? What if she is too old or he is too young? What if he doesn’t believe in relationships? What if she is way too beautiful to notice you? What if he is way too popular? Or What if she is too reserved?


A million questions run through your mind when you think about telling him/her about how you feel. Will the right words escape your mouth on the D-Day? Would you remember everything you plan to tell them?

Worst case scenario they would reject you. Would things remain the same after that? Would you remain friends? Would there be an element of awkwardness between you two after that?

Best case and Ideal case scenario, they will reciprocate your feelings. End of story. Life is bliss. Specially when you KNOW you two can rock the world together. When you KNOW you are BOUND to be amazing together.

Sometimes you know what goes on in their mind. You know that they are apprehensive about any kind of relationships. You know that 99.99% they would just say no… but leaving yourself hanging is even worse. It is more important to find out what they say and in case they are not on the same page as you, simply move on.

Trying is worth it though.

A ship is always safe at the shore – but that is NOT what it is built for.
– Albert Einstein

Happy Life 🙂


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