#21 Facing Rejection

Rejections are something that come to our doorsteps more often that we ever imagine them to. However, how we accept them is altogether a different story.


This week I met 3 people who faced different kinds of rejections. I was the fourth.

So beginning…

Being rejected by a hobby group is perhaps something that gives your ego a big thrash. The thing you always thought you mastered suddenly becomes the thing you are “not-so-good” at. That’s one kind of a rejection that really pushes your internal battles to their optimum limit.

Being rejected by a university or a job is a thing that pushes your self confidence into the abyss. You start doubting yourself and your abilities. You underestimate your potential and that’s how you lose this battle. Keeping your head calm and working in the right direction is what keeps you on track.

Being rejected by friends is worse. It makes you doubt your social skills and charm. It makes you wonder if you can fit the group or if you are liked/hated by people in general. This is the so called “Popularity Quotient” the world talks about and no one wants to fail in this particular test.

However, the one that hits you the hardest is rejection in love. It is a weird maze you can neither find the entry nor the exit to. You know you have come far enough and you can’t find your way back, and no matter how much you try you just can’t find the exit. You try and try and try… But all you think about is them. You convince yourself of the situation… but you still feel like you haven’t moved an inch.

Some people laugh when they are rejected. Others cry. Some knew this would happen some day. Others were just living on hope. No matter what comes, life goes on… and we go on with it and every door that closes leaves two other open somewhere.

Every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being re-directed to something better.
– Steve Maraboli


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