#22 Keeping Secrets

One thing that almost all young adults struggle with is keeping secrets – mostly the ones that concern themselves.

There is a certain level of urgency that people face when it comes to things thay really WANT to convey but actually can’t due to certain social obligations.

Common examples of these hold backs are :

1. Liking/Disliking for a particular person.
2. Ideas that are in personal interest of oneself but can be stolen or replicated by others.
3. Interesting things done by oneself which may potentially invite trouble.

One tends to drop unintentional identifiers for others to figure out what this secret is that you are keeping. Sometimes these may be intentional … Only for the person you want to share this secret with. You like to keep it to yourself but see no harm if others figure it out sooner or later by indirect means.

Such are social obligations that I STILL feel afraid to drop any kind of hint regarding my big secret. To anything.
There’s no one to listen or guide.

The other kinds of secrets are more personal. Which only 1 or 2 people will get to know in your ENTIRE life. So it might be good to keep things to yourself… What did you think? I’d reveal secrets???

This too, after all, shall pass.



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