#23 Knowing the Ignorance

First of all… Genuine apologies for not writing for so long. I have absolutely no explanations for that. Hence, now on, I cannot guarantee a post every Sunday… But I promise to write as much as I can.

This post is coming straight from my heart.

This one is about new people and how you react to the kind of relationship you share with them.

1) The Soul Sisters: These are people you connect with instantly… You don’t need more than a few days to realize this about them.


2) The Distant Cool Dude: This is a person with whom you feel you can get along very well. It’s just that they are so busy with their own lives that they seem like a far fetched, unapproachable dream. This is the person you want to spend more time with simply because they ooze awesomeness.


3) The Cuddly-Bear: This is probably the cutest person you know. This person is the reason behind your broad smile. This is the person you are comfortable with but don’t get to spend much time with.

And lastly…

4) The Ignorant Guy/Girl: This is a person who consistently ignores you. Mostly, deliberately. This person never addresses you in a group conversation, has a minimum of personal conversation with you, avoids making eye contact and is not even close to trying to get comfortable with you. You fail to comprehend the reason behind this behavior. Is it because you intimidate them? Or is it because thry find you totally weird? Most likely the latter. This is the person you would have liked to know better, but due to this aversion they have to you, even you start feeling repelled by them. Here are the two sub-situations you might have to face with such a person:

A) When you can easily get away from them:This person is a friend of a friend… Or someone who lives on the other end of the city, or someone who would easily get mixed within thr crowd and you just don’t have to pay attention to them. The drill is easy… Ignore back.

B) When you just can’t ignore them: This is the tricky part. This person probably works on the same floor as you and you have to share the elevator with them every second day, or this person studies in your class and you have to do group projects with them every now and then or this person is your boss………. enough said.


Either way this situation is the hardest to deal with. You can try to stay away from them but you just can’t. No matter how much you try you can’t get yourself to appear any less weird than they already think you are and you can never get to know them any better. It’s like an invisible barrier between the two of you that just CANNOT break down on it’s own, or for that matter even with the effort you are making. It requires mutual work and understanding which may or may not come… Even with time. So you end up letting it go with the flow and the reason behind that is because you stop caring about what this person thinks about you. And that’s how you end up as the happier person.

Live. Love. Laugh.


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