#24 Thirteen things most of us do during exam time

Since time immemorial the one thing that has remained constant in our lives is exams. Be it mid-terms, pop quizzes, internals, externals, end-sems, half yearlies, finals, what not. Here are a few things most of us do before or during exams.

1) Our TV schedule suddenly reaches a peak. Apparently best time to watch movies, is exam time.

giphy (9)


2) The warm fuzzy bed suddenly becomes the best-friend-for-life-and-beyond. Eat, watch TV, sometimes even pee (sometimes study)… But never ever leave the bed.

giphy (8)

3) Start studying a day before the exam. You feel like a total boss.

giphy (5)

Well… maybe not.

4) Tell every possible person you know how much of your syllabus is left and still not do anything about it. #sweg

5) Ask important questions and topics from the class nerd, expecting you would understand what they say and wonder…

“How the hell does he know everything?”

giphy (6)

6) Panicking right before the exam. Forgetting things like… Umm… Everything.

giphy (7)

7) Judging a chapter by the number of pages no matter how easy it really is.

giphy (4)

8) Staring at the question paper for 10 minutes wondering how and where to start from. Everything seems Martian.

giphy (2)

9) Counting the number of empty pages you still have left when the class nerd asks for an extra sheet.

“What is he even writing?”

10) Wondering why everyone is asking for graphs, log tables, trigonometric tables etc. because you just don’t understand where the hell are they even supposed to be used.

giphy (3)

11) Looking at the person across the aisle… Just when the he looks at you.

“Be innocent.”


12) Staring at your answers for the last 30 minutes hoping a fairy comes and does the questions you skipped… which is most of the paper.

giphy (1)

13) And then… getting back to normal… like nothing ever happened.

giphy (10)


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