#25 Collecting Thoughts

I haven’t written in centuries I believe. But this is something I wrote in 10 minutes last night.

This is mostly because I couldn’t express myself to anyone, share what exactly I was going through or feeling about things.

So here’s an untitled piece of poetry.

She searched for light all her life
She met a million stars
She couldn’t understand why it didn’t seem right
to give them all her heart

And then she met a lightless boy
And showered him with care;
The reason was the simple ploy
Reflecting her, he flared.

He walked, like an aimless child
Not knowing who had followed,
And turned around with smitten pride
To see her, then he swallowed.

“We can’t be one, understand this, please!”
The boy said with conviction.
“I’ll burn, in your blazing presence”
He voiced without affection

She knew this was but an excuse
But all she did was smile,
She swore she’d keep him shining
Away from a thousand miles

All he did was live his life in joy
When people said, “you shine so bright!”
He’d always thank them and walk away
Not knowing the source of his light.

– Anonymously Yours

Do leave a comment and let me know what you think! I’m not a poet. Nor do I write any form of poetry. This is just something straight from my heart.


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