#25 Collecting Thoughts

I haven’t written in centuries I believe. But this is something I wrote in 10 minutes last night.

This is mostly because I couldn’t express myself to anyone, share what exactly I was going through or feeling about things.

So here’s an untitled piece of poetry.

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#24 Thirteen things most of us do during exam time

Since time immemorial the one thing that has remained constant in our lives is exams. Be it mid-terms, pop quizzes, internals, externals, end-sems, half yearlies, finals, what not. Here are a few things most of us do before or during exams.

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#19 Ten Kinds of People Every Group Has

A sudden realization struck me that I actually have followers who look forward to new posts every Sunday and that I’m actually disappointing them severely by being late with my weekly blog posts. Therefore from today all my readers have my sincere commitment towards this blog and it is my guarantee that something or the other will definitely appear on this blog every Sunday by 7 P.M. GMT.

So today’s post is dedicated to a few people who brought a weird kind of fun in my life and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that every single person, at some point or the other, in his/her life meets such people. A few kinds of such fun people are listed below.

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